Interactive maps to explore the buoy tracks

All buoy tracks in one map

Here is an interactive map you can explore, showing all the buoy tracks. Also: You can see the route Fridtjof Nansen took at the end of the 19th century to prove the transpolar drift. If you don't know about Nansen's expedition read more about it here

You can zoom in and out with your cursor to get a bigger field of view, and you can add and remove the buoy tracks by clicking on them in the legend. Have fun exploring!

Plot map link
Click on the map to get to the interactive version. Map by Espen Storheim, NERSC


Each buoy track in a single map

Buoy 1      Buoy 2      Buoy 3      Buoy 4      Buoy 5      Buoy 6

The track is coloured depending on the measured surface temperature at each point. 

For Buoy 5, we have another type of plot you can look at, it shows the monthly progress drifting southward, see here.