Float Your Boat project data

Buoys and boats set out in 2021
The latest ice buoy (white, in the middle) we left in the Arctic with many wooden FYB boats - at the North Pole. They have been drifting since the autumn of 2021. Photo: Espen Storheim, NERSC

The ice buoys in the Arctic 
Animation of ice cover and buoy tracks after September 2020. Click on the map to run the movie. Animation: Espen Storheim, NERSC 

Map by Espen Storheim, NERSC. Buoy data from the International Arctic Buoy Programme and sea-ice data from University of Bremen.

You can follow the paths the five buoys have taken since we left them on the sea ice in the Arctic (status: spring 2022). Each buoy has a unique ID number from the International Arctic Buoy Programme (IABP) and the buoy data can be found here, just look for the correct IABP ID in the table there. 

Buoy table

Our project data is organized in different categories


School children are helping us to carry out the project!

So far, we have had helping hands and gifted boat decorators from:

  • Schools in Gjesdal Municipality, Norway: Gjesdal Secondary School, Bærland School, Ålgård School, Solås School
  • Gilje School, Bømlo Municipality, Norway
  • Schools from Seattle, USA
  • School children having visited the Bergen Science Center VilVite in August 2021